Coastal division

The jurisdiction of the Coastal Division stretches along the entire Flemish coast. This means that not only the beaches, dunes, and dykes, but also the marinas, and fishing ports of Nieuwpoort, Oostende, Blankenberge and Zeebrugge all fall within the scope of the department.

What do we do?

Coastal division in numbers


kilometers of coast to protect and manage.


coastal marinas along the Flemish coast: Nieuwpoort, Oostende, Blankenberge en Zeebrugge.


square kilometers to sound for Flemish Hydrography.

Masterplan for Coastal Safety

The Flemish Government approved the Master Plan for Coastal Safety in June 2011. That proposes a series of measures to protect our 67-kilometer-long coast against a 1000-year storm surge. In the same year the Coastal Division started already with the implementation of the measures. 

In the Master Plan, all flood risks are established and the risk zones charted. For each risk zone, measures and possible alternatives are studied. The emphasis is primarily put on the realization of the chosen measures necessary to ensure coastal safety until 2050. Thereby the expected rise in sea level is being taken into consideration.

Sea and Coastal Weather Forecast

In our Oceanographic Meteorological Station we produce an exclusive weather forecast for the sea and coast, which is disseminated not only to professional users, such as port authorities and shipping professionals, but also to the general public.

Watch the forecast


With this form, you can hand in a request to use public property for private purposes. By private, we mean that you use the public property exclusively for yourself. For example, to execute work, to organise activities or to establish, change or move constructions. The request relates to the private use of roads, waterways, seawalls and dykes. 

Permit for private use of public property

Beaches, dunes, dykes, marinas and fishing ports, the Coastal division provides protection against the violence of the sea, but also promotes recreation on and along the water. Furthermore, we map the North Sea and the Scheldt and prepare weather reports for the sea and coast.

- Caroline Lootens, head of the Coastal division

Where can you find us?

The Coastal Division

Administrative center
Vrijhavenstraat 3
8400 Oostende

+32 (0)59 55 42 11

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Location of the Coastal division

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