Permit for private use of public property

Permit for private use of public property

Here you can hand in a permit for private use of the public property present under the jurisdiction of the agency for maritime services and coast.

What is the purpose of this form?

With this form, you can hand in a request to use public property for private purposes. By private, we mean that you use the public property exclusively for yourself. For example, to execute work, to organise activities or to establish, change or move constructions. The request relates to the private use of roads, waterways, seawalls and dykes. 

Where to hand in this form?

Send this request at least 30 days before the start of the works or activities to the Coastal Division.


Coastal Division respects your personal lives. Your personal data is only treated in accordance with the provisions of the law of December 8, 1992 concerning the processing of personal data. This includes:

  • the personal data will only be collected and processed with the aim to grant (or not) a licence for the private use of the public property in the jurisdiction of the Agency for Maritime Services and Coastal Division;

  • the personal data will not be published to third parties and will not be used for direct marketing purposes;

  • you can always access your personal data and check for accuracy and correct this information concerning your personal data. You can contact the Coastal Division at:;

  • Coastal Division is obliged to take the necessary security measures to avoid the abuse of personal data by third parties.

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