Shipping Assistance Division

Our main task is to ensure safe and efficient shipping to and from the ports in Flanders and Zeeland. We do this by monitoring and directing shipping traffic visually, auditively and electronically.

What do we do?


The division has a separate cell for training. We offer a varied and customized set of courses and refreshments for all traffic controllers.

There’s a training set for the VTS, with the VTS simulator in Kallo as an important tool. For the the MRCC, all (Nautical) Traffic Controllers got the SARIS-training, this is a program where search areas are outlined, so the search pattern for persons in distress is easier.

Read more about VTS and the simulator in Kallo

Strong assistance from the shore via Vessel Traffic Services or in case of emergency via the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre at sea, that too is safe and smooth shipping. In addition, we are responsible for the management and operation of the Scheldt shipping lanes. Together with our colleagues from Rijkswaterstaat, we realise the Common Nautical Management

- Nadia Bos - Head of the Shipping Assistance Division

Where to find us?

Shipping Assistance Division

Administrative Chair

Maritiem Plein 1
8400 Oostende

N 51 14.069
E 2 55.745

+32 (0) 59 342 440

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