Technical affairs


Infrastructure managed by the Shipping Asstistance Division includes a multitude of buildings and technical equipment to support the VTS (VTS, Vessel Traffic Services) at sea and the run-up areas of the Scheldt, or port areas.

The equipment attached to the Scheldt Radar Chain quay and the Radar Treaty between Flanders and the Netherlands for traffic on the Scheldt and the run-up areas, is managed by the Management and Exploitation Team Scheldt Radar Network (BET-SRK) in Vlissingen.

The management of equipment external to the Scheldt Radar Network, such as the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center (MRCC) in Ostend, or projects associated with the VTS investments in the Flemish maritime ports are followed from the cell Technical Manager in Ostend.

International context

The technical activities are positioned in an international context. The Shipping Assistance Division plays an important rol in the information exchange bewteen the ports, VTS - MRCC databases and the European Maritime Information SafeSeaNet. For the implementation of the RIS Directive (River Information servcies) many technical projects and started.

Examples of major projects are the renovation of the building Zelzate Lookout Station, the building of the Antwerp Coordination Centre  and virtualization project from the servers of the Scheldt Radar Network.

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